Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tracey Graduates on September 8th from Griffith Uni with
a Bachelor of Education - Adult Education/Vocation Training
Liz Smith, an old friend and much loved friend of Tracey's
for over 20 years, came to the Grad. ceremony. She said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.
At Rochelle's place later than evening.
Nan and Jenny (Jeff's sisters) Rochelle,
Narelle Ward, Tracey, Jean and Rose from Brazil.

Tracey favourite cake, Dark Chocolate and Almond Rum Cake. Posted by Picasa
Tracey's Graduation - 22 September, 2006 Posted by Picasa
On Friday 8th September, Tracey graduated from Griffiths University with a Bachelor of Education - Adult Education and Vocation Training. It was all very grand and ran to perfect timing. It commenced at precisely 6pm and when I checked my watch and it read, 7:58, I wondered, whether it would in fact finish at 8pm. Believe me on the dot of 8pm all those on the dias began leaving.

Just a couple of family, Jeff's sisters Nanette and Jenny with daughter Amy, and Tracey's friends both from work and church who had supported and encouraged her these past four years, came to Rochelle's place at about 9pm for coffee and dessert. At Tracey's request, I made her favourite
Chocolate Almond Cake, and several dainties.

Tracey is right now preparing to take off for a well earned 3 month holiday to the UK & Europe,
visiting family and friends. She will return on the 11th December.

Jeff and I are also taking off on October 14 for a 2 month holiday to India to visit my sisters, Sri Lanka to catch up with Aunty Dots, cousin Patti and family. I am also hoping to reunite with my cousins on dad's side whom I've not seen since 1985.

We will then move on to Malaysia to do Chritimas shopping in Penang and will arrive back in Brisbane on December 14th at 7:40pm.

You will hear from us via email.

So, till then. God Bless

Jean and Jeff

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On July 5, Javier and his sister Christina visited us from Spain. Javi was our homestay student when he was 16. He's now 22. He brought his 12 year old sister to leave her with us for two months to learn English. Seeing him again after almost 6 years was such a joy. He came for 2 weeks and we jam packed those days with many outings.

On Sunday, 16, family, neighbours (who also remember Javi as
a young schoolboy) and some friends gathered at our place for a barbecue, to farewell this dear young man. He left us on Tuesday 18 with promises he would return after he completes his degree. We really miss him.

Among the guests was cousin Jenny visiting from Santa Barbara with sister Margo who lives here in Brisbane and Zhong Su Shi, a Chinese student who lived with us at the same time as Javi. Zhong was rather emotional when saying goodbye to Javi which is something we didn't expect.

My sticky date pudding was a hit with everyone. There are some recipes that magically do their work, well this is such a recipe. You cannot miss having success with sticky date pudding.

In the meantime, Christina has settled in well. There were no tears when saying goodbye to big brother Javi. She is a lovely young girl and I'm looking forward to teaching her and spending time with her over the next couple of months.